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Be sure to try:

  • Old Airport Doubles Man, the food section near the old airport, Closed Wednesdays and Sundays. There is only one doubles vendor here.
  • Sauce Doubles, South of Curepe Junction. Typically sold out before 11PM.
  • Prince Doubles, North of the Dial in Arima. Award winning.
  • UWI Doubles, just off the campus of the University of the West Indies. Noted for their coconut chutney and repeated health concerns.


Trinidad's roti styles were created by descendants of Indian immigrants. The two most popular styles are 'Dhalpuri' and 'Paratha' (a.k.a. 'Buss-up-Shut' or 'Buss-up-shot'). Dhalpuri roti is a thin flatbread cooked on a hotplate with a layer of ground split-peas inside. It is eaten as an edible wrapper (you may see the term 'wrapped roti' on menus) for various curried meat and vegetable fillings. Paratha/Buss-up-Shut is a soft, buttery flatbread which is torn up while cooking ('Buss-up-Shut' comes from the phrase 'busted-up-shirt') served alongside curried side dishes for dipping. Roti is sold in restaurants and roadside shops nearly everywhere. Traditionalists order their roti with a red soft-drink (soda). Prices vary from $7 TT for a small vegetarian dhalpuri up to $30 or $40 TT for a box/plate of Buss-up-Shut with vegetable sides and a more exotic meat dish (such as conch).

Be sure to try:

  • Wing's, Off Pasea Road, Tunapuna (first left from highway, second right, just after corner). Famous for their curried duck.
  • Patraj Roti Shop, 159 Tragarete Road, Port of Spain, and another branch in El Socorro.
  • Dobson's Roti Shop, Marli Street, Port of Spain, down the street from the US embassy. Excellent dhalpuri.
  • Krishna and Baby's, Maracas beach. Very friendly service with roti made to your desire. An alternative to shark and bake on the beach.

Shark and Bake- Tourists call it "Shark and Bake", but it is locally called "Bake and Shark"[edit]

A deep fried thin slice of shark meat inside of a fried bread (a 'fry-bake'). Served with strong sauces such as tamarind and chadon-beni (a local herb similar to cilantro). Prices are between $25- $30 TT.

Be sure to try:

  • Richard's, Maracas beach. Tons of toppings. Long line

"Natalie's", Maracas beach.

  • Krishna and Baby's, Maracas beach. Very friendly service.

Fried Chicken[edit]

Although the concept did not originate in Trinidad, the use of local herbs and spices results in fried chicken which has a truly unique taste.

  • Royal Castle, the local competitor to KFC uses only local seasonings in their fried chicken, giving it a flavour unparalleled by any other. It is best eaten with lime pepper sauce or the honey mustard provided as condiments.
  • KFC, although the franchise is American, one cannot help but notice the difference in taste between that sold in America and the local franchise. Most agree that it is better tasting than that sold in America.

Notable Restaurants[edit]

............ Issa's Restuarant & Pub- Issa's Restaurant & Pub is located on Upper Henry Street Port of Spain. Two buildings away from the Roytec Business School. The restaurant serves breakfast daily from 7am till 10am and lunches from 10am until 3pm.Breakfast includes local favourites such as fried bakes,roasted bakes, sada rotis and a wide assortment of meat or vegetarian sides. Lunches typically include: Buttered Cassava, Macaroni Pies, Sheppard Pies, Jerk & Barbeque Chicken, Pigtail, Fried or Pineapple Fish as well as delicious desserts to make any lunch complete. Meals are usually priced by weight at $32.00TT per pound and may be $35-$45 on average.

Issa's Pub-Is a great place to enjoy the night in the city of Port of Spain. The bar is open from Wednesdays to Sundays from 12pm and although originally associated with the local ballroom and latin dance has become a place with a little bit to offer for everyone. Their weekly lineup is Wednesdays-Karaoke Nights,Thursdays Ballroom and Back in Times Dance Party, Fridays After Work 'Lime'and Party, Saturdays Latin Dance Night and Sundays Ladies Night.