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Please add some other countries if you can... it's unbelievable that there are so little information about this out there.

Kiwi joke[edit]

A New Zealander I knew claimed this was a true story, flying NZ-OZ and he's at immigration:

Official: Do you have a criminal record? Kiwi: Do you still need one?


Wonder if this important topic belongs under this category; it makes no reference to documents or papers to be taken on travel. Would suggest it be moved to "Understand". Will defer to judgement of its author. Regards Hennejohn 16:14, 7 September 2012 (EDT)

Not sure[edit]

I figure it was a travel topic because it does affect your ability to travel to the said country. I am not sure any further documentation is necessary with this as each country's rules are different. With UK the official has to prove that your criminal record is unspent, if they can't then they have to declare it spent and therefore it cannot be used against you to keep you out of the UK. Other countries like US/Canada is much more onerous when it comes to anyone with any criminal records.

Is this article serious?[edit]

When they ask if you have a criminal record, you ALWAYS say "no". There is no way, no way at all, that any nation in the world can check if you have a criminal record. The only exceptions are within certain travel agreement zones such as the WHTI. However, if you are say, from Spain, no WHTI nation will have access to Spanish criminal records. The only other option is say, you are wanted for murder in the UK and try to enter Japan. If you are listed with INTERPOL as wanted for murder, you might get stopped. Then again, you would not be allowed to leave your home country. So, effectively, if you are wanted for murder, and registered with INTERPOL, and you are already in a foreign nation, you are likely A-OK. I am sorry. But I have several SERIOUS felonies, and have traveled, lived, and worked all over the world and NEVER had a problem. So, I did not just read this stuff online or hear it from a friend. I am not wanted, BTW. The article should really be re-vamped, or deleted. Cheers. 03:53, 22 June 2014 (EDT)


Agreed it should be revamped. Also the guidelines on when a conviction become "Spent" in the UK are also inacurate. You are citing a PDF from 2008. The laws were updated in 2014 This allows sentences of up to 4 years (48 months) to become spent. And the "Spent" period ranged from 2 - 7 years depending on how long you were in jail for. So this 10 years thing is a load of rubbish. —The preceding comment was added by (talkcontribs)

I don't think this article should be deleted. Remember that you can plunge forward and make it better. Regards, GiulioC (talk) 11:34, 18 May 2018 (EDT)