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So, I really like this itinerary, and I think it was a good idea to link it from the Main Page. I have one question, though: I don't think TTTT agrees with our article naming conventions on capitalization. I think it should either be "Transylvania Triangle train tour" (if we're talking about the Transylania Triangle) or "Transylvania train tour". You can just mention that it's triangular, although it's a catchy name, too. Another option is "Transylvania triangle train tour". We just tend not to capitalize things if we don't have to. -- Evan 15:57, 7 Nov 2003 (PST)

Concerning the capitalization, I don't really mind how it's capitalized or not. The reason why I made it "Transylvania Triangle Train Tour" was due to the TTTT and also the fact that it looks better with all caps - consequently, I'd prefer it like that. There is no defined "Transylvania Triangle", it is simply a term that came up due to the fact that the tour is triangular. Consequently, I think "Transylvania triangle train tour" is best if you really don't want it to be capitalized, although I still think that Transylvania Triangle Train Tour gives it a better edge and corresponds with the other Romanian tours i'm in the process of doing. By the way, see my talk on Romanian Wikitravel - I've posted a query there about the PHP file for the interface localization. And, again by the way, I think the phrasebooks and itineraries list linked from the front page is getting a bit too long. Should we have a specialised list of itineraries that is linked under "more..." from the Main Page, or should each itinerary just be linked from their country page... Ronline, 8 Nov 2003

Why is this page protected after it's been moved to the new name??? Ronline, 9 Nov 2003

Sorry, slip of the mouse. Not on purpose, I assure you. -- Evan 15:45, 8 Nov 2003 (PST)
That's alright! -- Ronline, 16:13, 9 Nov 2003

The first two paragraphs of the "understand" section are much nicer than the "Understand" of the main Transylvania article. Maybe they should be moved there. The Tour page - in my opinion - shouldn't replicate region/country/etc general information anyway. Anybody who takes the tour will also check out Transylvania anyway, unless they live on location in which case they don't need it. Any objections? -- Nils 05:37, 6 Apr 2004 (EDT)