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Let me be the first to say[edit]

Sheeeeeeeeit! Sen. Clay Davis 16:54, 17 April 2010 (EDT)

In the news[edit]

Here's a fun read [1] by a blogger who took the tour recently! --Peter Talk 14:05, 21 August 2011 (EDT)

Greenmount Cemetery...[edit]

Just like to point out a slight error in the North Central section:

The cemetery where Omar 1st meets McNulty & Greggs isn't Greenmount - it's actually Holy Redeemer Cemetery on Belair Rd. The entrance that McNulty uses is located along Moravia Rd - there are two, I can't really pinpoint which one they use.

If you look at the scene ( - skip to about the 5:00 mark), you'll see that the roads of the cemetery they used for filming are all straight, as is the orientation of the graves. For the most part the roads in Greenmount are curvy. Also, the green-domed tower in that shot is definitely from Holy Redeemer - I checked it out Google Earth.

I don't remember Greenmount being mentioned in the scene but the producers may have been trying to pass Holy Redeemer off as Greenmount or another graveyard closer to downtown. —The preceding unsigned comment was added by Tommyt1971 (talkcontribs)

Good eyes! I wonder if that was my mistake or one that I borrowed from elsewhere ;) In any rate, I don't think it's worth putting Holy Redeemer Cemetery in this tour, just since it's a little too far away from the other "attractions," but nice to have it documented on this talk page, at least. --Peter Talk 20:05, 28 June 2012 (EDT)

South Section[edit]

There is a mistake in the "South" section of The Wire Tour. Here is what it says:

"Now take a left on Beason St, a right on Hull St, and then a right on Nicholson St to get over to Fort McHenry. You can't quite get to the filming location, but the very southeast of the fort area is where Vondas wised up to the fact that his texts were being monitored by the police, and then flung his cell phone into the harbor."

Vondas did not throw his cell phone from Fort McHenry. He threw it from the sea wall at Fort Howard, which is in southeastern Baltimore County at the end of North Point Road. McNulty even mentions Fort Howard by name: "...the western shore of Fort Howard down past Edgemere." That's the offshore stakeout spot where he and Bunk go out on the fishing boat to spy on Vondas with binoculars and telephoto lens camera. McNulty later stands on the exact spot with a GPS and gets the latitude and longitude: Lat: N 39 degrees 11.727 Lon: W 76 degrees 26.628. Those are the exact coordinates of the edge of the Fort Howard sea wall.

I'm from the area and know it well. One of the Craighill Channel Upper Range lighthouses on Chesapeake Bay can be seen over Vondas and Eton's shoulders as they speak before throwing their phones in the water. I also have the benefit of owning the Season 2 DVDs. This scene is from episode 10.

Consequently, this means that Item #7 on the Southeast map labeled, "Vondas meet up site (Fort McHenry)" is also incorrect and should be deleted from that map.

Ziggy freaks out...[edit]

I just found the neighborhood where Ziggy goes on his rampage & shoots Glekas: just across the street from 3920 Eastern Ave -- it's the only address I could nail down when I was searching around. Think it might be something to work into the East Side portion of the tour? Looks like a fairly interesting little neighborhood

BTW, not long after you replied last June, I took a trip down to Aberdeen MD for a wedding & made a point of doing a short day trip to Bal'more. Stopped at Chaps for lunch, food was goooooood!

Also stopped at EA Poe's house, did the little tour inside & then went to his grave site in Westminster Burial Ground, corner of Fayette & Greene Sts. Could be a stop on the tour as well, just be sure to mention that there's a *monument* right near the entrance, the actual grave is down the path & behind the church. Tommyt1971 (talk) 12:23, 9 May 2013 (EDT)