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Where is this?[edit]

Nothing had linked to this article, and in doing research, I couldn't locate a Tajpur in Gujarat. I found one in Uttar Pradesh and Wikipedia lists one in Bihar State. Anyone know the country better to verify if this city exists in Gujarat? (07:46, 17 May 2009 ChubbyWimbus)

This is a highly dubious article[edit]

This entire article seems a little dubious. It has the appearance of having been established for the purpose of listing either entirely fictitious or baiting accommodation listings attributable to known listing hijackers and listing vandals associated with articles in this region.

Upon examination of the articles concerned and their edit and content history it appears that the contact numbers used have been those associated with previous misleading or hijack edits in various West Bengal articles.

Today I have made edits to the article and some others today that are displaying similar lineage and number commonalities

I have removed +91 33 8100291011 from Hotel Sonarbangla Resorts in the Tajpur article as this tel number has beeen listed the Rojana Beach Resorts listing in Digha and removed in an edit today for that reason. The previous listing for Safarsonhee in this Tajpur article was removed by Peterfitzgerald on 11 oct 2010).

The prior Safarsonhee listing used a number 90spamfilter51115228 listed to Safarsongee Tours & Travels, Kolkata, Telephone: (033) 4004spamfilter8685, 90spamfilter51115228, Address: 9B, Esplanade , Kolkata-700069, West Bengal. The Hotel Amorabati-Bakkhali has also frequently been listed to 90spamfilter51115228 on travel websites.

I suggest the perpetrators find something more constructive to do. -- felix 06:16, 16 June 2011 (EDT)

These revelations from Felix plus the fact that Tajpur (Gujarat) may not even exist, makes it a candidate for deletion I think. No doubt in my mind that Indian touts are the most devious operating at WT. --Burmesedays 07:16, 16 June 2011 (EDT)
I tend to agree with Burmesedays, unless someone can make a strong case that this article is not just a preposterous fabrication then it should be listed for deletion. I can find a Tajpur in Prantij, Gujarat, India, but it appears to be a semi submerged field in the middle of a lake. Another drops us into the Sabar Institute of Management, on highway 8 (Sabar Institute of Management. Tajpur, NH 8, Gujarat 383205, India +91 2770 255 132). Another search turns up a small hamlet with a sand drift covered asphalt road passing through it and next to a dry river bed (it may be seasonal), Tajpur, Gujarat, India is also a dry lake bed in the middle of some fields and scattered dwellings. Someone is having a lend of us here I think. I would hazard a guess that the perpetrator may have studied at the Sabar School of Management. It appears their time there was wasted. -- felix 08:32, 16 June 2011 (EDT)