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This is a very strange site as most of the sites are small concret posts in the middle of fields, hence the reasons I have included Longitude and Latitude co-ordinates. I was not really sure how to tackle the whole site so i thought this may be a good place to start from and then if other people have info on each site they can place it in the relevent article and link it back to here Meltwaterfalls 05:00, 6 July 2007 (EDT)

This is really bizarre indeed, but I like it. I think an itinerary or travel topic is probably the best format though, as sections like "Eat" don't really make sense here. Jpatokal 08:45, 6 July 2007 (EDT)

Not my competence, but isn't it that a proper "worldwide" guide must have UNESCO heritage sites listed, and preferably each site described? Now it reads at the bottom: "there is not enough information present for it to be of real use. It was last edited on XXXX-XX-X and will be deleted if not modified for one year". It's not a subject of someone's opinion, it's a concept and priorities. I assume the UNESCO sites are relevant. If policy of "Itineraries" does not allow to keep the article more than a year, then it must be moved to, say, "Travel topics" or some other category. This is not my competence. My competence is to say that the statement "not enough information present for it to be of real use" is misleading: it does have enough information, and that information is the complete list itself in one article. It alone is sufficient to a certain extent. And those coordinates are the essential thing that helps in such cases, i don't like their appearance but if you copy them and paste into Google Maps they do work. Itinerary or not itinerary, it is secondary, if this is a UNESCO heritage site(s) it must be in the travel guide. Well, unless it is some lame guide or even not a guide but something that pretend to be it. Then it makes no difference. I now read it as a guide, and write this comment as if i'm commenting an article of a proper guide. And proper guides are properly managed. It's not users' competence to decide whether the article should be in this category or in that category, or it should be deleted a year later or it should be kept for ever. Users may have opinions. Concept and priorities (normally) should be supervised by the persons responsible.

In case there is a possibility that the article will be deleted, who and why should plunge forward to rescue it? There is no need to keep irrelevant articles so they may be deleted, no problem. It's just strange why the UNESCO heritage site is irrelevant on the "worldwide" guide website. In particular - strange are the priorities then. --Local (talk) 04:07, 9 April 2015 (EDT)