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Is Strasbourg really huge enough to need districts? It's kinda a slippery-slope to start out with every city having subpages (City/Districts) by default, when those are really meant for mega-cities like New York, Mexico City, and Tokyo... thoughts? Majnoona

Thanks for all you're corrections. My english is really bad and I'm waiting for the french version of Wikitravel. I'm also learning the "how-to-do" and the (many) differences between Wikipedia and Wikitravel. I think the today-lesson is : it is not necessary to be exhaustive on a subject (=WP) but to explain what could interest a traveller (=WT). However, as most of old european towns, Strasbourg (even if it's not that huge) has some really particular districts (medieval district, german district, european district) that are interessant to visit (and to describe). But before that, I'll explore WT to be more efficient. CU :o) --Pontauxchats 05:51, 24 Jan 2004 (EST)
Sounds good. Don't worry too much about your English-- it's a lot better than my French and wiki makes edits easy, so keep adding info! Maybe take a look at Geneva, San Francisco, and the Manual of Style for more tips. I look forward to seeing your contributions! Majnoona 12:32, 24 Jan 2004 (EST)

Corrections needed[edit]

Getting to Strasbourg by car : from Lyon, it's closer to 6 hours, unless you like to break speed limits and never stop.

On where to eat, I recommand "Au Brasseur", Rue des Veaux. Good beer, good flammenkueche and not expensive at all.


Is the Flunch chain (67400 Illkirch) considered budget or mid-range? Thnx! Ozymandias (talk) 19:21, 30 October 2015 (EDT)

"Traditional" vs "modern" restaurants?[edit]

These topics look more like "Alsatian cuisine" vs "International cuisine" or something like that. Suggestions? Ozymandias (talk) 13:12, 2 November 2015 (EST)