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An anonymous (and diligent) user copied-and-pasted the contents of Saint George (Utah) to a new article at St. George (Utah) and made Saint George (Utah) a redirect. They probably didn't realize that logged-in users can move articles and maintain the edit history. To preserve history, I restored the original version of "Saint George", then deleted the new "St. George", then moved "Saint George" to "St. George". I think this does the right thing.

I think this move sounds fine; I'm perfectly willing to bend our "expand abbreviations" rule from the article naming conventions if there's a good reason to. I believe we do the same thing with St. John's, for example. --evanp 12:57, 15 January 2007 (EST)

Anonymous user here: Thanks! I was looking around (and viewing MediaWiki docs) for how to move the page and preserve edits, but failed to find out how (not being a logged-in user, Doh!). I appreciate it.