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Safety in Kashmir:

In September 2005, there is no war going on and i think it hasn't for some time. There is no need to be a fearful tourist just a careful one. The place should be considerably safer than Bali or London as there is no global terrorism problem there.

Locals told me that the Pakistani government does not currently support the separatist militants. Tourists are not the target of any violence, the Indian military are. There are a great many military in Srinagar. Just don't hang around them as it is their centres were recent bombings have taken place. The bombings are fairly small and kill a handful of people in each incident.


I'm tempted to remove Bloomingdale or whatever it's called from Sleep section too as it's obviously shameless (and common) Indian advertising... but I'll leave that up to someone else... BTW, they had themselves listed 3 times in this tiny article including an infobox! I may be headed up to Srinagar in a week or so, if so then I'll update this article - it needs some TLC! Cacahuate 09:40, 2 November 2006 (EST)

If suggestions are advertsing.........I am afraid that no one can suggest or write anything about any place may it be an attraction ,place of interest or place to stay, as KASHMIR has been in news and some nice and great experience makes you feel like mentioning the name of place one stayed and enjoyed(BLOOMING DALE)..........thats why I mentioned this place.I still feel like mentioning the same unless it violates the rules of wikitravel. —The preceding unsigned comment was added by (talkcontribs)
No, you added it because you own it or at least work there... please see Wikitravel:Don't tout. You are allowed to edit here, just like anyone else, but we just ask that you do it in a neutral tone. You may also want to check out Wikitravel:Welcome, business ownerscacahuate talk 00:18, 20 April 2008 (EDT)

Paradise On Earth[edit]

Kashmir was really paradise during seventies.Influx of Tourist brought some respite to the cash starved populas.Major educated lot exploited the poor/illeterate.Governement of India pampered the public with lots perks In 1970 to 1984 one kilogram of wheat floor was 44 paise and one kilogram of Rice 46 paise in fair price shops.Politicians like rulers used the sheepish public to grind their axe .Those who want to escape the tropical heat in summer sought respite in Kashmir. Due to denudification of forest the weather has drastically changed .The constant 28 degree celecius temperature in summber now hovers around 35 degree making it uncomfortable in srinagar city.So escape to sonamarg/yusmarg/gulmarg/phalagam. Best part of yatra amarnath is enjoyable.Worth a try. especially youth who prefer two wheeler to next street buddy will stretch their legs and exercise the hill climbing. Talk some rest and enjoy the nature at its best. U can literally distinguish the 4 seasons sprint summer autumn and winter. People are good but if u speak Hindi/urudu/English u will be fleeced in commerce bargain the lingo of market.warichoo waare are the good words.Beware of people swearing on kuran and taang. GOOD place to visit do not forget to visit kheer bhawani

rozabal pic[edit]

srinagar has a heritage and geniune heritage buildings need to be put by preference on the tourists attraction list and rozabal has no tourist or local significance except some polatical propoganda being hyped by the locals to attract torists... so the pic needs to be removed

In fact Rozabal has been mentioned by some German author(book.Christ in Kashmir)the locals have nothing to do whatsoevr with the hype or anything else.To say that the locals have hyped its significance for tourist attraction is TOTALLY BIASED A and UNBASED ....people should study first and than write something.Even Pooliticians have never mentioned Rozabal in anyway....(normally politicians touch everything and anything for thier own interests).
But yes locals go this place and have faith in this place as Kashmir has been the valley of Sufis and sailnts people have a sense of respect.It may not be out of place to mention here that NOT MANY tourists visit this place so the contributor/writer (who writes pic should be removed) should know the facts.
Who decides what is a "genuine heritage" building? Regardless of what you believe to be true or not about Rozabal, it has gained some attention, and some people want to visit it. I did, for one. It's a key location in a fairly popular book. So, what's the problem? – cacahuate talk 00:31, 6 February 2008 (EST)