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Revise the map for South Lombok[edit]

South Lombok has clearly defined itself now - with the new airport and new land sales from east to west. The roads are being improved, the infrastructure is being expanded and, of course, the new BTDC project will draw travelers to the south coast. Sekotong is a different world. The offshore islands are projected to be developed as the next growth area after Gili T and sisters fill out.

Now mining is starting to be quietly in the news, but that will impact Sekotong. Check this out if you are not familiar with the issue: [1] And the blue waters and wide areas for diving make Sekotong uniquely different from South Lombok. The harbor plus the road north to Mataram seem to make it distinctly connected to Mataram. Banko-banko seems to be the dividing line between the two areas. The southern boundary of Sekotong should run from Banko-banko, generally east to the new airport. The boundary should then run west, maybe along the new road from the airport, to a point on the coast between Mataram and Sekotong. There seems to be an area in West Lombok where the tourist attractions associated with Mataram (pottery villages, etc)come to an end. Those Mataram tourist areas should be part of West Lombok, and south of that those attractions could be associated with Sekotong.


This 'listing' was removed from the article on 17 mar 2011 as it was placed into the Other destinations section.

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The listing per edit by Evertraveling (Talk)

  • Labu - Don't miss the small but beautiful beach in this small, virtually tourist free village. Stay at Krisna Bungalow, a brand new complex of 3 bungalows with a private courtyard right on the water. Contact Wayan at [email protected]

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