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"temperatures are routinely in the 30°C's in summer" - dubious

Max temperatures certainly in Canterbury, Marlborough and Central Otago - Rimu


As part of drawing the map for the South Island, I'm thinking of tweaking the regions. The current ones look a bit unbalanced so I'm proposing to shrink the current six top level regions to four as follows:

Proposed South Island regions
  • Tasman-Marlborough - Combine the current Marlborough (New Zealand) and Nelson Tasman regions. I'd create four subregions -- North Marlborough, South Marlborough, Nelson Bays and Murchison-Nelson Lakes -- which corresponds to the four very distinct areas of region.
  • Canterbury - The existing Canterbury (New Zealand) guide.
  • West Coast - The existing West Coast (New Zealand) guide.
  • Otago and Southland - Combine the existing Otago and Southland guides. There would be three subregions -- Otago (the coastal area + Central Otago), Queenstown-Lakes (the lakes & mountains area of Otago) and Southland.

This breaks the island into four good-sized chunks that are related geographically and travel-wse: the top of the island, the southern part, east of the Southern Alps (i.e., the Canterbury Plains) and west of the Southern Alps (West Coast). The borders for the travel regions would follow the borders of the equivalent official administrative regions.

Any thoughts/concerns? -Shaund 09:20, 30 August 2011 (EDT)

I've gone ahead and implemented this (with some minor changes). - Shaund 00:34, 22 November 2011 (EST)