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anything else it could do with - actually could anyone draw a map?

could you reinstate the links, there is so much accommodation, I feel that a blank section is far less helpful than a link, which would help tourists, I don't mind about the demoting - just pop the links back in --User:Profjack

If is an official link (sanctioned by the South Downs governmental authority), it can be installed once at the top of the article after South Downs[1] (like that). We don't avoid hard work by just putting up a link. We want the information to appear in Wikitravel. We want actual listings of good places for travellers to go to. -- OldPine 21:37, 6 December 2007 (EST)

it is an official link, provided by the south downs authority, as is the link I posted, for same strange reason we have multiple authorities, the link is not a booking agent it is just there to help travellers; for that reason, and that reason only I am reinstating it. - Comment by User:Profjack

I edited it again per policy as stated above. I see no reason why policy should be different for this region. If you don't like the overall policy, you can try to get a consensus for your views and get it changed. OldPine 08:16, 8 December 2007 (EST)