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Carlsberg Sky Tower[edit]

Copied from article that has been redirected to Singapore/Sentosa. This seems overly detailed for a travelguide (ie facts about management), but I think some of it would be useful/interesting to include. Pasted for data-mining. Majnoona 00:33, 19 July 2006 (EDT)

Carlsberg Sky Tower is in Sentosa/Singapore.

The Carlsberg Sky Tower is Asia’s tallest observation tower and offers the highest view in Singapore at 131 metres above sea level. Is located in Sentosa and with its 360 degree view Sentosa, Singapore, the Southern islands and even the outlines of Malaysia and Indonesia can be seen.


• Tower height: 110 metres (360 feet)
• Viewing height: 131 metres (430 feet)
• Tower column diameter: 2.5 metres (8.2 feet)
• Foundation diameter: 15 metres (50 feet)
• Cabin capacity: 72 persons
• Weight of Tower: 200 metric tonnes


Visitors enter a large air-conditioned cabin fitted with glass windows all round and then the cabin revolves slowly as it ascends the tower.


Sky Tower Pte Ltd is a project conceived by Melchers Project Management Pte Ltd.
Melchers Project Management is the managing shareholder of Sky Tower Pte Ltd and runs the daily operations of the Carlsberg Sky Tower in close co-operation with Sentosa Leisure Group (SLG).

SLG is Sky Tower’s Operations, Marketing, Sales and Ticketing agent.

Carlsberg is the name sponsor of the Sky Tower.


Manufacturer is HUSS Maschinenfabrik of Bremen, Germany. The Sky Tower was fabricated within 6 months at HUSS's factory in Europe. Construction of the Tower in Singapore was completed in 12 weeks.

The Sky Tower opened to public on 7 February 2004.


Web: ""
Opening hours: 9am-9pm daily (last ride 8.45pm)
Getting there: On Sentosa, take the Blue or Green line buses. The Sky Tower is located adjacent to the Cable Car Station on Sentosa