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Sierra Nevada is a pretty big topic to be on one page by itself. In the south, you cannot cross from east to west directly -- you have to go north or south to go around. In winter, it's even worse -- there is no crossing between Sacramento and Bakersfield. Because of this, it's traditional to break up the Sierra Nevada into sub-regions

  1. Lake Tahoe Region. Both the Sierra Nevada page and the Lake Tahoe page refuse to confess that Lake Tahoe does, in fact, reside in the Sierra Nevada mountain range (see WikiPedia:Sierra Nevada (US))
  2. Gold Country The foothills in the northern and central sections
  3. Eastern Sierra The dry and quiet east side from Bridgeport south to Lone Pine
  4. Yosemite Region Yosemite National Park and nearby cities
  5. Sequoia and Kings Canyon the twin national parks on the south west side, and their surrounding cities.

Mostly this should be pointers to other pages, with a brief overview. Is it appropriate to stuff it all into this one page? Or should it be broken out somehow? Or what? I'm asking because for the Death Valley page, it would be nice if it could point to an Eastern Sierra page that describes that nearby region. Currently, Death Valley points to the Sierra Nevada overview page, and I'm thinking that someone clicking over from Death Valley will get a lot of info about Tahoe and Yosemite and think "that's too far away" when the Eastern Sierra sights really are within easy reach. --- Colin 01:47, 10 Mar 2004 (EST)

So, the main thing to remember is that Sierra Nevada is not an article about the entire Sierra Nevada mountain range. It's actually about the region of California we've called "Sierra Nevada" for lack of a better name. It'd probably be more precise to call it "the Sierra Nevada south of Lake Tahoe." We have a lot of other regions that are in or near the SN mountain range: Lake Tahoe, Gold Country, Shasta Cascades. I agree, though, that we need to make this more clear. --Evan 09:11, 10 Mar 2004 (EST)