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Appreciate the interesting information about the beautiful Persian city of Shiraz. It was proof of what tolerance and an open mind for other cultures and religions can achieve. Let's hope that one day Shiraz will be able to regain it's exemplary position.

I hope that you will not mind the following remark though. Shiraz was indeed known for it's excellent wines. As I understand it the production of Shirazi wines was interrupted after the Islamic Revolution. It seems that grapes are still grown, though apparently they are now turned into raisins, in stead of wine, or simply eaten as table grapes. The point is that Shirazi wines have in all likelyhood always been white. The syrah grape of course is red. Naturally this in itself does not preclude a white wine, but DNA profiling has given scientific proof that the syrah grape has it's roots in the Rhone valley in France. Thus unfortunately, tempting though the thought may be, the syrah grape and wines have no connection to the city of Shiraz.

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