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I'm pretty sure that Sächsische Schweiz is not the most common English name of this place.

I've never heard of "Saxon Switzerland", and the Getty Thesaurus of Geographic Names only gives Sächsische Schweiz. The Geonet names search by the USGS doesn't turn up a hit for "Saxon Switzerland". Weirdly, Google hits about 3-to-1 in favor of "Sächsische Schweiz" over "Saxon Switzerland" on English-language pages.
That said, the Beeb has an article on the subject on their site, so the name's not totally unused. I'd think that the more common "Sächsische Schweiz" is preferable, but I'm not going to move this article until there's some more discussion. --Evan 09:52, 4 May 2006 (EDT)
I was not careful enough to check other sources like you did, but since the very article has Saxon Switzerland in brackets after the German name and had an English redirect, I just assumed that was the usual English name. Feel free to move back if convenient. Ricardo (Rmx) 10:00, 4 May 2006 (EDT)
Hi there, I created Saxon Switzerland as redirect page for Sächsische Schweiz, cause it is not an English name and I was not sure, if all users and contributers would use the German name or the English. Living just a few kilometres away, I can asure that the English version is commonly used with tourists here (it is really funny to see people trying to say the German version sometimes). I would therefore opt for having the English name, but in other article descriptions and in the head of this one with the German name in brackets. Cheers, Felix 09:26 (GMT), 05 May 2006