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Some new facts needed to be added:

AeroSur is defunct. It has been replaced by the state-owned BoA.

There is a new road from Puerto Quijarro/Corumbá to Santa Cruz. A bus ride costs around 110Bs daytime (no AC) and around 140Bs nighttime (with AC). The bus ride takes 12 hours and is faster than the ferrobus that takes 16 hours. Buses at daytime leaves to Santa Cruz around ~11AM.

Sources & Copyright[edit]

How adequate would it be to use a source like Bolivia Web? Would it be considered copyright inflingement even if we rephrase it?

You cannot copy or even make an unauthorized derivative work (i.e. transform the text) from a copyrighted website. The information contained in those sites, however, is not copyrighted and you can use them as a source for research as long as you create your own (different, original) text to be licensed under the attribution-share alike licence. -- Ricardo (Rmx) 13:44, 26 November 2006 (EST)


Santa Cruz is known as one of the more criminal cities of Bolivia. I've never been there, so unfortunately I can't contribute anything useful on this. It would be nice though is an Santa Cruz expert would write something about staying safe. ~~ David