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I changed this article's name to Santa Catalina from Santa Catalina Island because of the evidence in the article itself that the shortest common English name was Santa Catalina. In most cases, when talking of islands, the word Island is pretty much understood in the name, unless not using the word island becomes ambiguous. I can only find a couple of other places called Santa Catalina in Wikitravel at present, and neither of those rates being a destination in California, so needing its own page. Besides tis is probably the most famous Santa Catalina anyway. -- Huttite 00:59, 1 May 2005 (EDT)

I agree and I'd like to formulate this as some sort of policy: so "Island X" should be just called "X", unless the word Island is an integral part of the name (eg. Rhode Island, Long Island). Jpatokal 01:36, 1 May 2005 (EDT)
I think that the most-common-English-name rule covers this fine. --Evan 10:41, 1 May 2005 (EDT)
Huttite, I think you are probably right about Santa Catalina, but for the wrong reasons. We don't use the "shortest" common English name, we use the most common English name. I think "Santa Catalina", "Catalina Island", and "Santa Catalina Island" are all used fairly commonly. See [1], [2], [3] for examples in the local newspapers, the LA Times and the Long Beach Press-Telegram. The Getty Thesaurus only lists the last two, though. [4]. --Evan 10:41, 1 May 2005 (EDT)

I appreciate the desire for a consistent policy, but common usage should trump. No one in Southern California ever calls it "Santa Catalina"'s ALWAYS "Catalina Island". No one searching this site (or a search engine) will call it Santa Catalina. I know people with vacation homes on the Island and they call it "Catalina Island" also.