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Name: "de Laguna" or "la Laguna"[edit]

This town is known both as "San Pedro la Laguna" and "San Pedro de Laguna". Right now we have two articles, one for each name. That's confusing, so I'm going to consolidate them. Both articles are just outlines. Google reports twenty times as many hits on the name "San Pedro la Laguna" as "San Pedro de Laguna", so I'm putting the combined article under that name. I'll put a redirect from the "de" name to the "la" article. JimDeLaHunt 20:41, 19 November 2006 (EST)

Safety warnings overdone?[edit]

It's agreed that there are some great points listed here regarding things to "see" in San Pedro, but don't let the warnings listed below detract you from coming here. Great things to see WAY OUTNUMBER bad things that happen to the minority of visitors here. No disrespect to those who have had bad experiences, but I was robbed at gunpoint in a nice neighborhood in Seattle, WA, USA and I NEVER see any warnings about walking around that location. —The preceding unsigned comment was added by (talkcontribs) 21:43, 2007 August 27

[the above comment placed in the article, when it really belongs in the Talk page. I moved it here. JimDeLaHunt 00:39, 29 August 2007 (EDT)]

Gringo tax is not racist and Rumors of the New San Pedro[edit]

I too used to get angry when prices were marked up for me as a tourist because of the ideals of equality we are taught in developed nations. I wanted to be treated equally. Then I thought about it from a larger perspective and realized that global inequality is racism. People from the US and Europe have dramatically more access to money, especially those traveling, few people from Guatemala and other Central American countries, for example, have the money to travel for pleasure or education. Because we have so much more money than the host population we should be expected to pay more for basic services, it is just pennies to us for an amazing boat ride that is itself a luxury but to the average Guatemalan it would hold much more wieght. Furthermore, the US is responsible for much of the poverty in Guatemala and thus the cheap prices that we enjoy there so please don't complain about racism and try to learn something from the people of San Pedro and the rest of Guatemala: humility, it's not a bad thing.

I myself have not been to San Pedro in several years but recomended the spot to a friend as a great spot to get off the tourist trail to study Spanish. Hearing her description of the place sounded nothing like the place I remember. It is firmly on the tourist trail now. Tourism by itself doesn't bother me but the cultural insensitivity that often comes along with it does. It sounds like young travelers who are interested in little more than filling their minds with different chemicals now fill the streets and the new forgien owned bars and hostels. This would not bother me in the capital or other cities where there is a large percentage of Guatemalans getting high but it pisses me off to hear what has become of San Pedro. Everyone I met when I was there was very proud of their culture and traditions and drugs were part of niether. The people I met were so friendly and had much to teach an open minded traveler but it sounds like tourism in San Pedro (as well as most tourism that I've seen) has taught them much more about Gringo culture than the gringos have learned about their culture. Even if the locals are still opposed to the drugs (as I'm sure most are) they are not in a position to get rid of it because that would mean a plunge in tourist dollars and they need as many as they can get.

On a related but different note, when in San Pedro please support localy owned and oporated buisnesses as much as possible because it puts the money in the hands of people who need it more and who are going to be better "recyclers," getting a higher percentage of the money to people who really need it.

"Town website"[edit]

"The town website is Tzunun Ya'.com", according to an edit on 18:00, 2008 September 9 by User: This site looks to me like a well-intentioned private venture, not an official site run by the city government or tourist board. Thus I think it doesn't qualify under the Wikitravel:External links policy. Wikitravel has problems in other articles with multiple private sites claiming to be the "town website". They are hard to referee. I'm putting the URL here, though. If there's good Eat, Sleep, Drink, etc. listings on, let's push them through to this article. JimDeLaHunt 10:50, 17 September 2008 (EDT)

Lead Photo San Pedro Dock[edit]

This is not a photo of San Pedro, but rather the dock in Santiago Atitlan.

The picture of Santiago Atitlan docks has been moved now to the corresponding page, and a recent photo of San Pedro La Laguna was placed instead.