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Personal Account[edit]

An anonymous user posted this personal account that I have copyedited. -- Huttite 01:01, 6 Jan 2006 (EST)

I was in Afghanistan March - May 2005. I also traveled to Mazar-e-Sharif from Kabul. We left Kabul at about 0800. When we approached Salang Pass, we noticed hundreds of cars stopped. We were informed, there is a blizzard on the pass. We ended up waiting for over 4 hours. The damn taxi driver was smoking hashish and cigarettes like crazy. Then he had to put chains on the tires, because without chains nobody was allowed to go over the pass. One of the snow chains had a missing link, so he used part of his head scarf. I did not think it would hold, however, we made it over the pass with hundreds of other cars. The pass itself is very beautiful. It took us almost 13 hours to get to Mazar. So, if you travel when there is still the possibility of snow on the pass, be sure and bring very warm clothing and something to eat and drink.