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This is an excellent work! Really a well-done guide! Majnoona 23:47, 25 Jul 2004 (EDT)


Wow this article needs some color.

I will probably be going back to SJ for a couple weeks later this year. Any suggestions on subjects for photographs that coudl be added to the article? If we can come up with some places I will get them.


I have some pictures of the reversing falls but didn't put them up because I am not real happy with their quality. Maybe I will put one up anyway until some better pictures are available. As for subjects: don't stress it, as long as you have a digi just shoot everything in sight and choose a couple that turn out the best ;)
BTW: you can sign your posts with 4 tildes (ie: ~~~~) -- bulliver 00:38, 21 March 2006 (EST)