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Can an administrator please move this to São Luís over the existing redirect and delete São Luis afterwards? This article should follow the rule that's been applied to all other Brazilian city names that have accents, like São Paulo. Thanks. -- Ricardo (Rmx) 21:37, 5 December 2006 (EST)

Adresses (Bus, Train, Places)[edit]

Please people - if someone places information like there is a Bus station 6k southeast of the center or By train: Train three times a week. Please also put in the Street Name (and the next street crossing!), where the Train Station is located. When i.e. i trust my GPS, there are two Train Lines leading in the town. Unfortunatley i have no idea, where the station itself is, though.

Same goes for the Information The largest and most modern movie theatre, with 10 showrooms, is at the São Luís Shopping, mostly showing Hollywood fare Please add the address of the shopping center!

Important: A street name + number is (for the time being) NOT sufficent in Brasil. For now it is mandatory to have the street crossing, as the numbers in GPS do not work well, if they work at all.