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Moved from Wikitravel:votes for deletion by Evan

  • Russia and the Caucasus. Not needed. Professorbiscuit 19:48, 15 Oct 2004 (EDT)
    • Disagree - Page should remain, even only as a disambiguation page. It should point to all the country pages that are relevant. This sort of page should remain for historical purposes. - Huttite 00:59, 16 Oct 2004 (EDT)

Article Hierarchy[edit]

I do not really like these this and that names. It means we are doing a region join. I think this is 2 regions and mashing them together is like trying to make babyfood. Its interesting to eat but normally its a mishmash of a meal. There are two destinations here Russia, or more specifically European Russia, which needs to be written about a lot more, and the countries of the Caucasus, which are a perfectly valid region around the Caucus Mountains, of which more articles should be written too. Perhaps its because we have not developed a regional name for the Commonwealth of Independent States of the Former Soviet Union or the Region of the World formerly ruled by Soviet Socialist Regimes that we have this problem. To me this name implies East (Europe) and North (Asia) from Black Sea to Arctic. -- Huttite 14:33, 1 Jan 2006 (EST)

This article: I removed the isIn|Eastern_Europe (ie deleted the isIn completely, didn't replace it)
Russia: I reverted back to isIn|Eastern_Europe
Armenia/Azerbaijan/Georgia (country): isIn|Caucasus
Caucasus: isIn|Asia
no article isIn|Russia_and_the_Caucasus
Russia_and_the_Caucasus is in both Europe and Asia
hence no isIn for this article