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Name of Richmond Residents[edit]

I've been looking through the page history and I've seen Richmond residents refered to by a staggaring array of names. As far as I know, the only name for a person from this city is a Richmonder. Am I wrong? (By the way, I don't know why it wasn't taking my username before, but I'm the "68.57" anonymous edits) Japonai Narya 23:16, 3 Jul 2005 (EDT)



I'm shocked Can Can in Carry town isn't in the splurge section; the finest French cuisine in the state. The listings in the other categories seem pretty random, I know listing all the good places would be impossible, but there are some real icons missing.

Night Life[edit]

Something Richmond boasts lots of, this section is totally missing. From 3 Monkeys and Starlight to the 18th St clubs and back to Capital Ale House and Penny Lane, it has a wide selection.


The article says we should be careful of copperheads... what exactly is a copperhead? I'm sure I'll get aome very humourous responses!.