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The present regions mentioned in the article do not appear to be suitable for a subdivision of the state. I suggest we either keep the state undivided or use the former administrative division in Koblenz, Trier and Rheinhessen-Pfalz. Comments?, --ClausHansen 17:48, 11 August 2010 (EDT)

Yes, the current regions certainly are a bit strange. I think at least the Rhine Valley, the Moselle Valley and the Eifel should be part of it. I propose the following:
  • Ahr
  • Eifel
  • Moselle Valley
  • Naheland
  • Palatinate
  • Rhine Valley (also known as the "Romantic Rhine")
  • Rhenish Hesse
  • Westerwald

I'm not sure about the Ahr, maybe we can just merge it with the Eifel. --globe-trotter 21:56, 13 August 2010 (EDT)


I wanted to add more info about Nurburgring - the racing circuit. The only mention I found here on Wikitravel is in this article. As I am fairly new to Wikitravel I am asking the more experienced ones: should I add the info just here or rather create a new page? Thanks Parimucha 03:49, 25 November 2011 (EST)

I have created the article Nürburg for you. Please add content about the Nürburgring there :-) --Globe-trotter 05:20, 25 November 2011 (EST)