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I visited Puebla in 2002 and stayed at Del Portal. We got a room (very small balcony) that faced the zocola (we requested that in advance). The rooms don't have air conditioning only fans. Taxis were very inexpensive although we hired a taxi driver for the duration of our stay. We visited the forts which were interesting although we did go on a tour and when we all got inside this underground area they locked the doors behind us. That was a bit disconcerting. I cannot speak Spanish so the tour was unenlightening to me. I was with my husband who can speak Spanish. If you plan to visit the interior of Mexico I highly recommend knowing how to speak Spanish or being with someone who does. We hiked to a store and bought several gallons of water. The hotel provided small bottles but I used the gallon bottles to brush my teeth. A bottle of pepto bismal would be an essential item to take just in case. They did not have wash cloths so fortunately I had taken some dove facial cloths and used those as wash cloths. They did provide towels. Do not eat cooked or raw vegies or fruit unless they can be peeled. Examine the bottle cap of bottled water carefully. Sometimes the locals reuse the bottles so be sure that the cap is secure. None of the taxis had AC. If you have a backpack the locals can spot you as a tourist. If you carry a purse wear it around your neck and arm. Although, it is better not to carry one. Stay in populated areas. We walked down one street that was a bit scarey but a local police person walked down the street coming the other way or I think we might have gotten mugged. If you have on a diamond wedding ring turn the ring so the diamond doesn't show. Although, it is better not to wear valuables while out. At night the nicer restaurants prefer their patrons to dress nicer than just wearing jeans. Wearing shorts is another way locals can tell you are a tourist. We took a bus from the Mexico City airport (highly recommended) and the bus took us to a bus station where there were numerous taxis. We got in a taxi to take us to our hotel. The taxis are so inexpensive that it was safer and less expensive to use public transportation than to rent a car. A relative that lived in Mexico City wrote the following: "As far as the taxis go - DO NOT take the green and white VW beetles. A lot of the crimes and kidnappings take place with those cabs mainly because the occupant doesn't have an easy exit from the vehicle and they aren't all registered. Only take "Sitio" taxis - they are red or red and white and four door. If staying in a hotel, someone working the front desk will most likely be able to call and arrange for a cab to pick you up. I don't know if that applies to Puebla or not. Although the driver we hired did have a radio. We got brave a few times and did get in a black VW private taxi. One ride was very exciting (we had a driver that was extremely creative in avoiding traffic) and if we hadn't already had a driver I would have asked him to be our driver the entire time.