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Not Provençal[edit]

Hello there.

I don't have time to correct it yet, but the language presented here is not Provençal, it is standard Languedocian. First of all, the wrong orthography is used: for instance, the word for “day” should be written “jour” (yes, like in French; actually, Provençal orthography is based on French orthography). This is not a minor detail: most Provençal speaking people find it derogatory to write their language with Languedocian orthography.

Second, a lot of words are just incorrect, like onze (should be ounge or vounge), agost (should be avoust) or camba (should be gambo). Some might be even more trouble: quasèrn should be caièr, and moreover, casèr actually means something (a kind of wall).

Last but not least, the pronunciations given are just awful: it looks like somebody tried to read Languedocian orthography as if it were Spanish. For instance, I read “Boca (bo-cuh)” but it is actually pronounced boo-ko (with accent on the first syllable).

-- Yadönapya 11:40, 19 October 2015 (EDT)

Hi! Thanks for the heads up. This site is entirely user-generated, unfortunately, we don't have an admin that speaks either language. Is the overarching fix to swap the title from Provençal phrasebook to Languedocian phrasebook? I'll do some research and factor that in as well. IBcaldera (talk) 13:00, 19 October 2015 (EDT)