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We had a really bad experience in the Chao-ba cafe. After we ordered from the menu for Eu 15.00, we were given a bill for Eu 160.00. We refused to sign, but our account was still charged for the Eu160.00. I also found out that the check card was used to withdraw Eu600 at an ATM station near this restaurant.

We did file a police report and are waiting for further investigation.

Sorry to hear about that. I find it sort of embarrassing that this is our only Eat listing in the neighborhood. I'm thinking about taking a trip up to Paris just for the purpose of remedying this situation... -- Mark 16:46, 24 May 2006 (EDT)
Hello Moderator. Please email me at [email protected] regarding this restaurant. The problem goes beyond credit card fraud - armed robbery for example by the bouncers, using guns. See the review I posted on Yahoo travel and email me for more details. Chao Ba is an organized crime owned business and a disgrace to Paris.

External link[edit]

This link was removed from the article in accordance with Wikitravel:External links but may be useful for data mining: Site officiel de la butte Montmartre - official site of the hill of Montmartre. -- Ryan 16:27, 24 May 2006 (EDT)


Hi, I deleted these listings:

  • Trois Frères, 14 rue Léon (Métro: Chaâteau Rouge), +33 1 42 64 91 73. Jazz .  edit
  • Studio des Islettes, 10 rue des Islettes (Métro: Barbès), +33 01 42 58 63 33. Jazz  edit

As I could not find any info on them, and they seem to be areas, rather than bars. --MarinaK 18:38, 21 November 2008 (EST)MarinaK.

Lack of interesting info on the 18th arrt Paris page, especially on restaurants, and generally on 80% of this site[edit]

I regret to say this article lacks good, up to date info on restaurants.

For instance, the person who deleted Les Trois Frères was wrong : this is a correct restaurant and one of the good local clubs. See [1]

Another example : no mention of the Routiers rue Marx Dormoy. They are affordable, serve huge, typical French food portions and are extremely welcoming if you are polite.

Dalida's bust and the Passage des Brouillards are not mentioned either.

I could go on.

Dear Wikitravel founders and salaryman (Evan, Maj, IBobi, do I forget somebody ?), I'm sorry : I've been reading, updating pages from your site all evening and my conclusion is that while the content here can be helpful (e.g. the page on Hospitality exchange), it is partly a made-for-Adsense (MFA) site. The truth is, Wikitravel pages rank very well on Google. In other words, Wikitravel pretends to be what it not really is. Or very partially.

Of course, Wikitravel displays some beautiful, interesting pages, such as the ones you adertise on the home page (e.g. the page about the Danish Sydfynske Øhav archipelago), the Galapagos page or the Tiburon page (thx, Maj).

But I mean, some 80% of Wikitravel pages could not compete with the worst paper travel guide in the world. And your *project* may be to create a «complete, up-to-date, and reliable worldwide travel guide», but you're far from it :

  • content pages lack details and update, so they are not that much complete
  • the site does not offer any map on which restaurants and other places could be vizualised -- with Google Map this is not difficult any more
  • IBobi does much of the work on the site, the founder Evan is known to be no longer very present here (see Peter's remark at the Traveller's Pub [2])
  • another sign : when you look in the various discussion pages, you see a very limited number of people discussing
  • the site started in 2003 but it contains only 26000 articles. With 196 countries in the world, that makes only 133 articles per country in average. Whatever the reason, Wikitravel's community is not big enough. Or not interested enough.

Please don't tell me I then should par-ti-ci-pa-te/do the work which is not done instead of complaining. Because all free work done on this site goes to a commercial business, a private property owned by Internet Brands. Which is what Wikitravel is. The Creative commons (CC) licence is not interesting since most of the content, as I wrote before, is not interesting either. So the service given to the community here is limited to a minority of really good pages.

Signed : Emmanuel B., a Parisian who has been living in the 18th since 1997 and lives near the Butte Montmartre [I'm sorry, I won't create an account on a site I do not value enough to do so and I won't state my real name since I know what it's like to be nearly-bullied on the Internet]