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Not sure how this should be organized.

Maybe there should be a Peel or Caledon region instead of small cities like Orangeville. -- 1 Apr 2005 Elgaard

One way to look at the geographic hierachy is to look at how local government is organised. Is there a county, council or community leadership/electorate/ward that people vote for? What region/area does it cover? Often these areas cover communities of interest. It may not work every time, but I see this as a starting point. Orangeville is worth an article as there are 3 places to sleep. The region(s) containing Orangeville are therefore also worth an article. At present, all an uninformed reader (like me) knows is that Orangeville is in Ontario, Canada. If you can define and associate Peel and Caledon as regions containing Orangeville and how they fit into the existing Ontario regions, the traveler would be much better informed. -- Huttite 16:25, 1 Apr 2005 (EST)
I was disambiguating links to Whatlinkshere/Caledon_(disambiguation) and found "Caledon" listed as both a region and a city on the Peel (Ontario) page. I deleted it from the Region section - maybe I should not have done?