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It could be included in the afternoon bit of day two but it's such an interesting area. I've often told people to have a look around at the markets early on a saturday morning or to have a poke around the shops in market city. There's also the food court up the top, which is great for a really cheap meal (and serves alcohol!) after you've been walking around the city for a few hours. In terms of atmosphere, it ranks up there as one of Sydney's more interesting experiences.

Items to be added[edit]

Day 1 - Historical Sydney[edit]

Morning and early afternoon - walking tour of the eastern side of the CBD, generally following Macquarie Street: take train to Museum Station ($3.20): go to Hyde Park, examine Anzac Memorial: then across to Australian Museum, St Mary's Cathedral, St James Church, Hyde Park Barracks, Sydney Mint, Sydney Hospital, Parliament House, Reserve Bank, State Library and Mitchell Library, Botanic Gardens, Art Gallery, Government House, seeing sights on the way (and visiting if you want); down to Bennelong Point and to Sydney Opera House (possible tour), then round to Circular Quay. Afternoon - ferry to Manly ($12.80 return), , seeing the sights of the eastern side of the Harbour. Walk along the Corso, relax at the beach; return to Manly Wharf- Oceanworld is there too.

Day 2[edit]

Morning - train to Central; light rail to Lilyfield ($5.70 return) then walk or 445 bus to Leichhardt (get off at Leichhardt Town Hall) ($1.90). Look at the Italian area of Sydney, have lunch at an Italian restaraunt. Return by bus to Central or return light rail. Afternoon - walking tour of the western side of the CBD - starting at Town Hall (or Convention light rail stop if coming by bus). Explore Darling Harbour, Town Hall, Cathedral, Martin Place, GPO, etc. Walk to the Rocks and cross the Harbour Bridge in the late afternoon. Dinner in Kirribilli or North Sydney. Evening - head down to Bradfield Park, look at city skyline at night across to Circular Quay. Walk along the foreshore past Luna Park (enter if you want), round to Lavender Bay to see north and south Sydney CBD at night and the harbour. Return by ferry from McMahons Point to Darling Harbour/Circular Quay ($5.20), or by train from Milsons Point ($3.20)

Day 3[edit]

Morning and afternoon - head to Blue Mountains; either drive or take the train (purchasing ticket - $24.20 return; $17.00 o/p) - alight at Katoomba. Bus 686 to Echo Point ($4.20 max); either walk down Giant Staircase, bushwalk to Echo Point - take Scenic Railway up - or take bus to Echo Point ($1.90 max); or walk or take bus to Scenic World - have a ride on one of the attractions. Bus 686 to Katoomba ($4.20 max) then Bus 685/95 to Leura ($3.20 max). Look at shops. Return to Leura Station - train back to Sydney.

Day 4[edit]

Morning - take train to Wynyard station ($3.20) - walk up George Street. Look at The Rocks; shopping and sightseeing. Include any museums or historic buildings. Do a loop, ending up at the upper regions of The Rocks - come back down to Wynyard station. Shop if you want. Afternoon - 431 bus to Glebe ($1.90) - get off in Glebe Point Road. Explore Glebe shops; walk to Parramatta Road; then to Victoria Park, up to Sydney University - explore museums and look at historic buildings. Continue through to Newtown, explore shopping area. Evening - dinner in Newtown -lots to choose from.

Day 5[edit]

Morning - train to Olympic Park station ($11.40). Bicycle Hire at OP bike centre (check price + $100 deposit). Cycle the Olympic Park area and Bicentennial Park throughout the morning and early afternoon; three rides available. Afternoon - return by train to CBD. Shopping in CBD area. Evening - sample another multicultural food area?

Day 6[edit]

Bondi to Coogee walk? Parramatta?

Multi-mode tickets[edit]

Until this itinerary actually recommends going somewhere you can't go to with a MyMulti-1, it shouldn't recommend buying a MyMulti-3 to do it. --inas 23:42, 4 May 2010 (EDT)

Merge tag[edit]

As noted in the merge tag: "Please do not remove this merge notice without first gaining consensus for the removal on the article's talk page". I understand that the author in question has put a lot of effort into this article, and as such I'd suggest making a case for keeping this article rather than simply removing the merge tag. It's clear that under the current Wikitravel:Itineraries#"Personal" itineraries criteria that this should not be a separate article (and the article title is in fact specifically called out as an example of a "personal" itinerary), but as with anything on Wikitravel exceptions can be made on a case-by-case basis. If this article simply lists destinations that should also be included in the existing Sydney articles then it would seem to be an obvious merge candidate, but if it's going to provide info about a particular route, or if it will be presenting content that shouldn't be covered in the Sydney articles, then a case should be made for a separate article. As it is, the article seems to be developing into somewhat of a walking tour, similar to Along the Magnificent Mile, although it would be good to define the route being covered and why it's a notable route for tourists. -- Ryan • (talk) • 01:01, 8 June 2012 (EDT)

I'd say the current policy is not entirely adequate and this article is a test case pointing out some difficullties. I have started a discussion at Wikitravel_talk:Itineraries#Problems_with_the_changed_policy. Pashley 01:28, 8 June 2012 (EDT)
I've spent hours on this article (which was created before the policy came into place, by the way, and until today I was not even aware that such a policy existed - there is little communication to users about things such as this). I'm happy for it to be edited and changed to improve content, but I will really be annoyed if some person who has had no input in the article and just wants to cite policy decides that the article should be gotten rid of just because they think it can. The fact is that there are very few people contributing to Sydney articles and I was trying to add a usable itinerary that Wikitravel readers could follow. I've now added it to the Sydney page so people can at least link to and read it. The problem is that Sydney is so big and there is so much to see, it's hard for people to understand what a week or so would look like in this sort of city, you simply can't get that from reading either the main Sydney page or any of its subpages (which still haven't been sorted out despite years of discussion). I'm not trying to write a personal article at all but simply something that can give readers a few ideas on some things put together. It states what could be combined for a good day out in different parts of Sydney. That's all I want to do - nothing more, nothing less. Discussion welcome. JRG 02:12, 8 June 2012 (EDT)