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criteria for a separate article?[edit]

Why was this tagged? This is meant to be an itinerary.--Jiang 17:54, 9 April 2012 (EDT)

After a lengthy discussion the criteria for itinerary articles have been updated - see Wikitravel:Itineraries for the policy, and Wikitravel talk:Itineraries#Tightening the criteria for an itinerary article for the discussion. Wikitravel:Itineraries#"Personal" itineraries explains the reasoning for the change. -- Ryan • (talk) • 18:00, 9 April 2012 (EDT)

I traveled to Taipei a couple times recently and found this article extremely useful. It is true some of this information may be in the main Taipei article, but that article is very lengthy and detailed. A "One day in..." article is useful for calling out the highlights of the destination. So I recommend to keep this "One day in Taipei" article and not merge it into "Taipei." --Damonmah 01:43, 4 December 2012 (EST)