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vfd discussion[edit]

"Numburchuili Cheese Trail" & "NUMBUR CHEESE TREK"[edit]

I'm very unsure what to make of these two, but they are at the very least currently not formatted properly. Anyone know what these are? --Peter Talk 08:23, 6 September 2008 (EDT)

I'll add ‘INDIGENOUS PEOPLE’S TRAIL’ to the list. Inclined to delete, if for nothing but the gall of shouting titles. --Peter Talk 08:38, 6 September 2008 (EDT)
I'd say Merge. A search on "trek" shows an insane collection of articles for trekking in Nepal — Nepal Trekking, Trekking in Nepal, Trekking in everest, Trekking in Everest, Trekking in mustang, Trekking in annapurna, Zangskar Trek, Island Peak, Jonsom-Muktinath Trek, Mt. Everest Base Camp Trek, Mt. Everest, Jomsom-Muktinath Trek, Mera Peak Climbing and Helambu Langtang Trek! Several are stubs or redirects, and quite a few have "merge" tags suggesting putting the info into the region article.
Can we merge all the ones I've listed and the ones under discussion here into one article? I'd prefer to see them all merged into Trekking in Nepal rather than putting the info into region articles. A big part of a Nepal trip for many people is choosing which trek or treks to go on; I think the info needed to make those choices should all be in one article, and there's clearly too much of it to fit in Nepal. Pashley 09:17, 6 September 2008 (EDT)
Delete?. I'm pretty familiar with the trekking scene in Nepal, and have never heard of this trek. A Google search also failed to throw up a single entry. However, that is not to say that a new trail is not being developed, but I'm inclined to delete until more info becomes available. One reason for the confusion over treks is that many routes overlap. For example the 'Island Peak' trail pretty much follows the 'Mt. Everest Base Camp Trek' route. It is only at the final leg of the treks where the trails diverge. WindHorse 11:40, 6 September 2008 (EDT)
Keep. Firstly, apologies! These entries were my first attempts and I am getting used to the format/language etc. The"Numburchuili Cheese Trail","NUMBUR CHEESE TREK" and the‘INDIGENOUS PEOPLE’S TRAIL’ are two UN-ILO sponsored projects currently underway to generate employment in the region beside the Everest Base Camp Trek, which is often overlooked. Websites for both treks shoould be online by the end of the month, and in the meantime I thought wikitravel would be a popular forum to post info on the treks.There is a lot of demand for new treks as Everest/Annapurna/Langtang are so over crowded, and completely lack any cultural diversity. Please Don't delete!
There are an insane number of articles on trekking in nepal, it would be great to merge them all and/or organise the Nepal page better so it is not so clogged.
Also the link to Mount Kailash in the Nepal page can be disputed, it is afterall in Tibet. Ramechhap 13:13, 15 September 2008
Delete.Please delete the glaring "NUMBUR CHEESE TREK", "Numburchuili Cheese Trail" and ‘INDIGENOUS PEOPLE’S TRAIL’. I have replaced them with the 'Numbur Cheese Circuit' and the ‘Indigenous Peoples Trail'… Rookie Error!
OK, I cleaned up some, fixed the rookie errors, so now we have only articles with sensible names: Numbur Cheese Circuit and Indigenous Peoples Trail. Do we want to keep those? If so, they need de-touting, see Wikitravel:Don't tout. Pashley 02:50, 21 September 2008 (EDT)
Keep - based on Ramechhap's explanation and Pashley's clean up...WindHorse 04:18, 21 September 2008 (EDT)

Both people who originally said "delete" above, Peter & Windhorse, now agree to keep. So do I, though I think some de-touting is in order and in the longer term, maybe quite a bit of merging. Anyone else want to speak up? Or can we close the vfd? Pashley 16:15, 21 September 2008 (EDT)