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Wow! Great article about a really interesting place-- glad to see this area getting coverage as it's getting more and more popular! Majnoona 14:35, 28 Mar 2005 (EST)

I find this quite inacurate Serbians often confuse the two words in English because gostionica means both hotel and restaurant.

In Serbian language both words exist Hotel ( Hotel ) and Restaurant ( Restoran ) word "gostionica" is rearly used, altrought it is true that gostionica can be Hotel or Restaurant

Acctualy, "gostionica" is more of a tavern :) and I have never met any Serb mixing it with a word "hotel" ...

 "Gostionica" is an archaic word, I'm removing it the article.

zlatara ciner[edit]

trazim zlataru ciner

- Nalazi se u Zeleznickoj ulici, 100 metara ispod maticara, prekoputa kafea Macchiatto.

Image copyvios?[edit]

I just copied in two images from the "Petrovaradin Fortress" article, which is being redirected to this one (per vfd discussion). Other images from that article were found to be copyvios, and while I have been unable to find evidence that these two are, the possibility can't be excluded, particularly in view of the way the "long" photo is formatted. OTOH, they're useful for the article. Can someone do a bit more copyvio checking, and if they're found to be such, take the indicated actions? -- Bill-on-the-Hill 14:41, 6 January 2007 (EST)


As part of the banner project, I inserted a banner from our list but I'm not sure it is really Novi Sad that is shown, looks more like Belgrad. If you know this town, thanks for letting us know!