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I would like to make some contacts and new friends that could assist/help me in my quest to make a Trip to the most Northern Place in Norway !!

I think this is Norkapp ? However I have been told that there is not a lot to see there ? and also the road is closed in March so I would not be able to drive there !!! (Could and One Help !! Heard you could take a boat and come back on to the Island that way and then drive to Norkapp ? is this possible?)

I am a Disabled guy that uses a wheelchair !! I am very strong minded and strong willed and determined to make my Dream life time trip come true ! as long as it will be safe and possible to achieve in March 2009

I will be driving a Large 4x4 and wish to include a # Dog/sleigh Trip in the North, a Visit to the Polar Zoo and do some Sit Skiing with my bob/chair.

Any Help, contacts and advice anyone has would be very welcome thank you in advance for this.

Kind Regards

Anthony Cardiff Wales UK