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Is it realy worth to disambiguate "North"? I don't think so. Disambiguation pages have the function to make it easier for the reader to find a certain Artikel. Can't imagine that someone realy searches for "North" when he means the North of Thailand or whatever. -- Hansm 03:23, 2004 Sep 16 (EDT)

I suppose the main point is to make it easy for editors to find cases where someone links to North instead of North (Thailand) by accident/laziness... although there seem to be zero at the moment. Jpatokal 04:02, 16 Sep 2004 (EDT)
OK, I see. Thanks. -- Hansm 05:15, 2004 Sep 16 (EDT)
You can click a link to a nonexistent article, e.g., Olinda, then from the Editing page click "What Links Here" to get all dead links to it. So there's no need to actually create the article. It can be temporarily created when needed -- Paul Richter 06:28, 16 Sep 2004 (EDT)