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So, I'm not quite sure I understand why an article with this level of detail belongs in Wikitravel. It should probably just be a section of Sydney, no? -- Evan 12:06, 16 Sep 2003 (PDT)

Ditto. I'm sure it's a nice rail system, but I dont think it's really a 'destination' in and of itself... at the very least it should be a /page like the restaurant section for Mexico City, but more to the point it should prolly just be edited down and added to the Sydney page. We dont want users to have to go clicking all over to put together a city guide.Majnoona

I'd link it to New South Wales myself. It certainly needs a more specific title than just 'CityRail'. But yes I think that it's GOOD to have this sort of information... we can't put EVERYTHING into one page because they're just getting too darned long and complicated. There is a certain length of page above which readers have trouble following the thread of the article, and more importantly, if the file is too long then webbrowsers have trouble editing it because it fills the buffer! That's a common problem on the Wikipedia where the longer articles have to be split up into more manageable chunks. KJ 21:06, 16 Sep 2003 (PDT)

I took the liberty of moving the page to what seems a more appropriate title. The article can now be extended to cover ALL the rail network of NSW with the metropolitan stuff as part of it. KJ 21:11, 16 Sep 2003 (PDT)

Hi folks!

The reason I created a CityRail page was because I found that I was adding the same details in multiple pages - Sydney, Illawarra/Sth Coast, Blue Mountains - and anticipated adding it to Newcastle. I thought it ought to be in one place.

I do think its worth having this information, since its not much use knowing what to see in Sydney if you can't get there easily. I do agree that something more general would have been a better idea than CityRail. I'm not sure that that something would be Rail in NSW though. I think my real intent was "Transport in the Greater Sydney Area".... not that it matters all that much.

AndrewMcDonald 23:19, 4 Oct 2003

I'm putting this page up for deletion for the following reasons:

  1. a year after it was created, noone's found it necessary to link to it except from South Coast (New South Wales)
  2. it's not an article about a geographical location, nor is it an itinerary
  3. much of the information it contains is Sydney specific (like the Nightride information -- there's no nightrides to the regions) and should go there
  4. much of the information is duplicated in either Sydney or New South Wales

That said, I think there's one reason to preserve it: Cityrail is a cross regional network, serving Sydney, Central Coast (New South Wales), Hunter Valley, Blue Mountains, Central West (New South Wales), Southern Highlands (New South Wales), the Illawarra and the South Coast (New South Wales). But this is far from being all of New South Wales: about 95% of the state's land area has no Cityrail access. So, in some ways a discussion of Cityrail on the Sydney page is a little broad, and on New South Wales is a bit narrow. (No, there's not really any way to lump all those regions into a bigger region either -- being "three hours from Sydney by train" is pretty much all they have in common).

I'm going to move information that isn't already duplicated into New South Wales and Sydney.

Hypatia 05:01, 24 Oct 2004 (EDT)

OK, copied all the Cityrail info (and then some!) to Sydney and provided limited Cityrail info on the New South Wales page with a pointer to the Sydney article. -- Hypatia 05:52, 24 Oct 2004 (EDT)