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I am not sure if this is just an attraction somewhere else or worth its own article. So I left it a stub -- Huttite 17:11, 11 Jan 2006 (EST)

It's a single attraction without (AFAIK) much in the way of places to stay or sleep — but it's also fairly far away from Hoi An, the nearest town of significance.
And I'd also like to say that "Why I Left My Son a Stub" is one of the most poetic and tragic comments I've seen on Wikitravel so far ;) Jpatokal 01:29, 12 Jan 2006 (EST)
Perhaps we need a page to immortalise such comments - then again perhaps we don't. Maybe I need to spend more time doing physical work rather than sitting in front of this screen. My blood sugar must have been low and I was not thinking of alter - natives. -- Huttite 03:55, 12 Jan 2006 (EST)

This article is trash, and really hard to take seriously, because of all of the UNESCO related political discourse. -- 02:19, 19 March 2013 (EDT)


I'm working on cleaning up this article. Right now the majority of it is a politically-motivated (?) rant about UNESCO, price gouging, and how "local people" aren't benefiting from tourism. I was hoping to use this article as a guide when visiting My Son in two days, but it's frankly crap. See also the IP editor's comment above from 2013; clearly this has been a problem for a while.

I've elected to just delete the blatant commentary that's not doing anyone any good. Information that I'm not sure is accurate that is interspersed with commentary I will copy to this Talk page as a temporary preservation measure while confirming if it's for real.

Please ping my talk page if you want to follow up with me on this project. --Mukkakukaku (talk) 12:18, 2 April 2016 (EDT)

Preservation of text from 'Understand' section --
There are travel guides that compare My Son with Angkor Wat, Bagan and Borobudur. Historically, they have a point: in their time, these complexes were leading spiritual centers, and they have all fallen into a state of atmospheric ruin. However, the ruins at My Son could not even be compared to any of the aforementioned sites, for various reasons: the smaller scale of the original site, for example, the comparatively poor upkeep, and severe damage to the buildings from time and especially war. As such, they're not likely to wow anyone, and the jungle scenery may be seen much closer than in My Son. For those who have an interest in Vietnamese history that doesn't involve America or France, this site provides little to no information besides the ruins themselves, so it is unlikely you'd get fascinated there unless you already there.
It contains good information about the state of the ruins that probably could be presented in a clearer fashion. Also notes that there's little in the way of documentation (I think that's what it's trying to say.) The commentary about other historic sites like Agkor are useless. --Mukkakukaku (talk) 12:24, 2 April 2016 (EDT)
Preservation of text from 'Get In' section --
It is cheap, why? For the duration of the tour which is 6 hours, you only get 1-hour for the tour proper. The assembly, toilet, and snack times take away the rest. The bus will make the rounds starting at 8:00 am picking booked tourists from each hotel. It is ridiculous why it has to make a stop over rest at a restaurant for more than 30 minutes when people were expected to have just jumped out of their bed and had breakfast a bit of a few moments ago. The arrival time at the last assembly point inside the complex is at 10:30 am (the sun is already high up) for one final briefing. By then almost everyone is grumbling and frustrated at the too much idle time spent while listening to the last instruction - "Be here by 11:30 am." Then everybody dashes out for the path leading to the first attraction group. Each group is separated by about 3 to 10 minutes of moderately brisk walking and there are about four visitable groups plus the more than 10 minutes walk to and from the Assembly point (there is another assembly point by the restaurant outside the complex and another 30 minutes plus of killing time). Here's the time line: Walk from Assembly Point to 1st group in 8 minutes -- See 1st Group in 3 minutes -- Walk to 2nd Group in 10 minutes -- See 2nd Group in 8 minutes - Walk to 3rd Group in 3 minutes -- See 3rd Group in 3 minutes -- Walk to 4th Group in 10 minutes -- See 4th Group in 3 minutes -- Walk to Assembly Point in 12 minutes. Synchronized with the limited time frame of touring, a cultural show is going on, so one may feel bitter not having to see the show. This tour is only for people who need a quick photo op then scram (Jan'12).
This is clearly a rant about someone's experience on a particular tour, but it does provide a useful itinerary for a tour visit. Not sure that this is the appropriate section for it, though. --Mukkakukaku (talk) 12:36, 2 April 2016 (EDT)
Hello! We really appreciate your effort and you're right, the article needs a bit of cleaning. Please go ahead and let us know if you have any questions. Regards, GiulioC (talk) 05:01, 3 April 2016 (EDT)