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If I remember well, women can see it from the ferry going around the peninsula, so maybe we could write something about that.

  • In the section on "respect", it is written that non-Orthodox should abstain from receiving the non-consecrated bread at the end of the service as well as inquire before venerating some relics. Typically, these activities are open and welcome to non-Orthodox (non-consecrated bread is not Communion; venerating icons and relics is not a salvific act). If, for some reason, the rules in certain monasteries are different, maybe someone could clarify or else I might eventually edit this.
  • There appears to be an inconsistency in the text about where the permits are issued. The text first states "This [Diamonitirion] is issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs ... in Athens ... or by the Ministry of Northern Greece ... in Thessaloniki". Then the text states "Diamonitiria (permits to stay as a pilgrim) are issued by the offices of Mount Athos, at Ouranoupolis". Which one is it? If permits can be obtained at any one of the three locations, then the text should state so. Also, the text should state whether one needs to be physically present in Athens/Thessaloniki/Ouranoupolis in order to obtain the permit (as opposed to having the permit mailed/emailed).