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Removed from page[edit]

Different dialects require a new phrasebook. Tim 00:10, 18 August 2006 (EDT)

Jula (Bobo and most of southwest)

An y sogoma! = Good morning!

An y tila! = Good day!

An y wula! = Good evening!

Heré sira wa? = How was your evening? (to be said in the a.m.)

Heré tilena wa? = How is your day so far? (to be said anytime after noon)

Somogo do? = You family?

O ka kené! = They are good!

Bara da? = Your work?

Heré! = Peace/Health only! ie, Great!

Nsé! (said by women) = Response used often in greeting, sort of like; uh-huh, yeah!. No real direct translation.

Mba! (said by men) = see above

Mooré word for "triform"[edit]

Is there a Mooré speaker here I may ask a question? I am trying to find a Mooré word meaning "three-branched" (like a "three-branched river"), "threefold", "three-membered", "triform", "tripartite", "triple" or something similar. Thanks for any help.

Travis Henry