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I am a local, ive been living in this city forever and i know it pretty well. I strongly support Kudos idea to combine the central zones to "Monterrey". We NEVER refer to each zone by Zona Rosa, Garden District (no idea waht this is), etc. And use the names for each zone.

I have no idea how to change things in this article, but for instance, the activities at Río Santa Catarina are no longer available (due to the Tropical Storm "Alex").

The Club Havana is now called Queen, and you are missing some of the best clubs and bars in San Pedro: George, Pepper, Sky Bar of Hotel Habita, Riviera and the Bar of Kitchoan.

The mall- Paseo San Pedro, and Plazas- Plaza Tanarah, Plaza O Dos Vasconcelos and Plaza 401 (beautiful black plaza with 7 restaurants in the third floor, this is the place to go right now if you dont feel like clubbig but you still want to go out for drinks and/or dinner).

Delicious and chic restaurants like Oriental Fusion-Kyo, Chino Latino, Kitchöan, Señor Tanaka. All- Bardot, El Diego, Neuquen. Italian- Silvano's, Francesos, Il Capriccio. Seafood- El Muelle, El Cabo Grill, El Pacífica.

The best Mexican-Nice (Very good mexican food, wide selection "not only "Carne Asada", very nice place) Restaurants: La Felix, La Escondida, La Valentina, La Nacional, La Lupe and La Catarina.

Museums- Marco, Museo de Historia Mexicana. And to visit along the Macroplaza, the Río Santa Lucía (a must for every tourist is the ride in the Santa Lucía River, small boats transport you to and from the Museo de Historia and Parque Fundidora. The ride is beautiful and there are other boats in the river full of a music group singing mexican songs.) and Parque Fundidora.


Kudos to Texugo for districtifying this article. There really is much too much going on in Monterrey to try tackling everything in a single city article. Some division was really called for. I'm a little troubled though by the complexity of this scheme. I think there's too many zones and some of them strike me as particularly artificial. I like better the map I see in the corresponding wikipedia article [1]. I have three suggestions for districtifying the Monterrey article, ranked in order of importance:

  • I strongly urge combining the central Monterrey zones into a single chunk called "Centro", "Downtown", or simply "Monterrey". This is how it appears in the wikipedia map, and I think it's more natural and more in line with how a visitor views the city. That would mean combining what's now Zona Rosa, Garden District, North Central, and Northwest into one zone.
  • I suggest keeping the zones as is for San Nicolas de los Garza, Apodaca, Escobedo, San Pedro Garza Garcia, and Santa Catarina, though may consider revising the scope definitions of each.
  • I somewhat suggest considering adding Santiago, Garcia, and Juarez, although content will most likely be very light in all of them. (I'm unconvinced that Salinas Victoria should be part of the Monterrey discussion and don't suggest adding that, though am happy to be convinced by others who know the city better than I.)

It might be easier to simply use the wikipedia map as is.

Thoughts? -- Mrkstvns 10:25, 25 April 2008 (CDT)

I fully understand your first point, and I also considered trying to keep the central district in one article, BUT there are just too many things there, so I divided it up into three section to prevent having ginormous lists in our see, eat and sleep sections. I can however envision combining northwest and north central together. As for San Nicolas de los Garza, Apodaca, Escobedo, San Pedro Garza Garcia, and Santa Catarina, I just used the official city limits as boundaries. For the third point, I am completely at a loss.Texugo 00:43, 26 April 2008 (EDT) 16:22, 30 January 2014 (EST)

Garden District? No Idea where this comes from, never heard of it, not even locals would know what that zoning refers to, specially since biggest parks in the city are all out of this zone (e.g. Fundidora, Pastora, Tamayo, etc)

Obispado does refer to a zone easily recognized by inhabitants, that commonly includes neighbourhoods in the skirts of the Obispado hill (Chepevera, Maria Luisa), but it would not include places West of Gonzalitos ave. (e.g. San Jeronimo, Cumbres, which are most commonly known as Poniente)

Barrio Antiguo is not considered part of Zona Rosa, Macroplaza divides this two zones, Zona Rosa to the West and Barrio Antiguo to the East of the plaza. Zona Rosa would be most commonly known simply as Centro.

Zonification of the city is mostly done by Municipalities E.g. San Nicolas, Guadalupe, San Pedro.