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VFD discussion[edit]

Mono Lake[edit]

  • Delete. Body of water, not a destination. --SHC 19:19, 7 June 2006 (EDT)
  • Keep. This is the common name for the region, and the lake is a destination unto itself. The destination is comparable to a National Park including a variety of activities and things to see that exceed some many actual National Parks. -- Colin 19:30, 7 June 2006 (EDT)
  • Keep. Agree with Colin - Mono Lake is the name commonly used for the region that includes the lake, located near Yosemite's east entrance. It's a very common recreation area for Californians, similar to Lake Tahoe. -- Ryan 19:32, 7 June 2006 (EDT)
  • Clarification make sense, and expanding of the article into an outline helps. Consider this an about face. Keep. SHC 19:47, 7 June 2006 (EDT)
  • Keep. Large bodies of water can be travel destinations. I never did like the fact we could not do articles on bodies of water. There are some that would be an exception and not require a article due to being too large or too small, but I believe most fall in the same category as "Park articles". -- Tom Holland (xltel) 16:25, 16 June 2006 (EDT)
  • Anyone mind if we end this one early and nix the vfd? I'm the originator of the vfd and I was unware that Mono Lake referred to the region rather than the body of water alone. As someone who sometimes plans trips to specific rivers and lakes, I think Tom Holland (xltel)'s suggestion to reconsider the concensus on bodies of water is valuable for discussion. As always, we should avoid the extremes: an article on the Pacific Ocean would be as useless as an article about the pond down the street. SHC 18:02, 16 June 2006 (EDT)
    • I think the consensus on this is pretty clear (and I agree with it, despite not having chimed in above). I'll archive this tomorrow (the 10-day mark) and copy the discussion to the appropriate talk page. -- Bill-on-the-Hill 18:05, 16 June 2006 (EDT)
    • There seems to be a consensus to keep, so I don't think anyone will complain if this is kept - it would be good to just change the policy to allow ending a VFD early if there is a consensus to keep, but that's a discussion for another place. As to bodies of water, Wikitravel:Bodies of water is pretty clear that a body of water that is a region is OK - the policy is there (I think) to prevent things like a "Lake Erie" article, which really isn't of any benefit to travelers. Wikitravel talk:Bodies of water is the appropriate place for that discussion. -- Ryan 18:09, 16 June 2006 (EDT)