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The romanian region of Moldavia and the country homonimous, in the North of Romania (cap. Chisinau) ARE NOT the same, althought both places share the same culture.


I don't understand where people are coming up with these two different terms "not to be confused exclamation mark !!11!1!!" really guys. Just pick one and stick with it (: we say Moldova. the country of Moldova is part of the historic region of Moldova which is now split in half thanks to...well nobody cares so I'm not gonna bother. Making up two different names for it is not gonna help(well, maybe at first), but confuse you in the long run. You can say country or historic region, or Moldova in Romania or whatever you like. Please don't force this pseudo distinction though. In both countries, Romania and Moldova the language spoken is Romanian. The two countries even have the same flag. Why would there be two different names for Moldova/Moldavia? (: damn it internet! sometimes you make no sense.