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Regarding the major cities listed, while I wouldn't suggest removing Milwaukee from the list, Columbus, Ohio is one of the 25 largest combined MSAs in the U.S. (while Milwaukee is not). Other than Columbus, all of the below big cities are on the Wikitravel list.

Rank Combined Statistical Area State(s) 2005 3 Chicago–Naperville–Michigan City IL–IN–WI 9,661,840 9 Detroit–Warren–Flint MI 5,428,000 13 Minneapolis–St. Paul–St. Cloud MN–WI 3,467,108 14 Cleveland–Akron–Elyria OH 2,931,774 16 St. Louis–St. Charles–Farmington MO–IL 2,840,179 20 Cincinnati–Middletown–Wilmington OH–KY–IN 2,113,011 21 Kansas City–Overland Park–Kansas City MO–KS 2,015,282 23 Indianapolis–Anderson–Columbus IN 1,958,453 24 Columbus–Marion–Chillicothe OH 1,936,351 —The preceding unsigned comment was added by (talkcontribs) 14 Jan 2006

Sleep section[edit]

Just checking--there isn't even supposed to be a sleep section for region pages, much less hotel listings, right? --Peter Talk 22:19, 3 March 2008 (EST)

That's my understanding (as you probably noticed) per Wikitravel:Region article template. I guess there could be exceptions where it might be reasonable to have an overview, but certainly at the state level it is ridiculous to have listings. It is my understanding that certain regions like smaller island nations are allowed to have Sleep sections because the towns/villages will not likely ever have articles. -- OldPine 22:24, 3 March 2008 (EST)

NO stereotyping[edit]

Can we stop with stereotyping midwesteners as some kind of 'moral nice down to earth' label. People are like that in every area of the country ,and there are rude people in every part of the country.Personality is not related to where someone grew up. There are down to earth people who grew up in southern california,new jersey,new york city exactly like the midwest. there are rude people who were born and raised in wisconsin,illinois,michigan,ohio,indiana and every state in the country.please stop it.midwesteners are just like everyone else. —The preceding unsigned comment was added by (talkcontribs)

Midwesterners are exceptionally down to earth and nice—I think you are being confused by the occasional rude East Coast carpetbagger like myself. Broad generalizations have a place in travel guides, especially at this high and superficial level in our Wikitravel:Geographical hierarchy. --Peter Talk 04:11, 7 November 2009 (EST)

I can attest to the fact that this is simple untrue. I live in Kansas City and grew up in Brooklyn, NY. People in KC are - generally speaking - extremely rude and self-centered. —The preceding comment was added by 2605:a601:90a:1900:9121:c3ac:79b6:a93d (talkcontribs)

It isn't sterotyping if it is true - while there are exceptions, as a general rule, I think you'll find Midwesterners may not be more "moral" than folks in the East (though I suspect you could make that argument based on church attendence, etc - but of course going to church isn't the same thing as being moral), but certainly more laid back, friendlier, etc. It is rather odd though that once you get past their initial cynicism, rudeness, etc., Easterners can be quite nice and helpful - it's just that Midwesterners don't have such a thick skin to get through first. Changing subjects, I will applaud this article as it more closely identifies what states are in the Midwest vs. the main Wiki article on the subject - the Dakotas are midwestern states (really?!). Missouri (and my mother comes from there and I've lived there) is kind of a fringe state to include, but the rest are solidly Midwestern (if in doubt, think of the original teams in the Big Ten - those universities are all in the Midwest). —The preceding comment was added by (talkcontribs)

Midwest B.S[edit]

fOR THE last time,there are the same amount of down to earth people in the midwest as there are in the northeast,east coast,west coast,southwest and plain states,just as there the same amount of rude people in the northeast as there are in the midwest,west coast,plain states,southwest,east coast etc. I am sick of labeling midwesteners that when it is about personality not where one grew up.I guarantee if someone did a research one would find that each state has the same proportion of nice 'down to earth' people and 'rude people'. There are nice down to earth northeast people and there are nice down to earth californians (ever hear of Rick Warren), there are rude northeasteners there are rude californians there are down to earth midwesteners,there are rude midwesteners,there are rude southeners there are nice down to earth southeners.Please stop making B.S UP. If you want your stupid article to spew lies so be it,it's a bold faced lie and you all know it.

As Peter states above, there has to be some sort of generalization made, because this article covers an entire region. If you feel that it is misrepresented, I think your best option would be to write the header in a way that you think represents the region best and post it HERE first to let others have a look at it. If it sounds nice and representative of the area, then we can transfer it to the actual page. If there are issues, people can work them out here. Of course, it may be decided that people prefer what is already there or that they like a little of both and will have to reach a compromise. If you don't propose anything different, then it is doubtful that any changes will be made. ChubbyWimbus 14:54, 7 November 2009 (EST)


Enough with the 'midwest is down to earth' b.s. First off all anyone from a small town reguardless of what part of the country it is will be down to earth. There are down to earth people in every area of the country . People who were born and raised in the small towns in Arizona, Maine, New Jersey(ecspecially south New Jersey) are just as down to earth as midwesteners are (and there are plenty of small towns in Arizona and New Jersey). The artical fails to mention Chicago ,the country's 3rd largest city ,as a huge population center. And I don't know why Ohio and Michigan is on this list.Ohio is exactly the same as New Jersey ,New York,Pennsylvania,Massachussetts.Ohio is a rust belt city.Ohio looks and feels exactly the same as New Jersey does.Michigan is also an eastern state mistakenly labeled a midwest state.If Ohio and Michigan are listed as midwest states,then I am going to add New Jersey as one (and if you laugh, what is the difference between areas around Chicago and areas around NYC??) BOwash is the same as Chipitt.If you don't add new jersey to the list then i am going to delete ohio and michigan from the list myself. ------ james florek is a douchebag

Did you even look at the suggestions you were given before? Anyway, the U.S. Census Bureau disagrees with you that Ohio and Michigan are not Midwestern states. LtPowers 18:05, 11 March 2010 (EST)

Just curious: No Kansas, Nebraska, and the Dakotas?[edit]

This entry has the only map I've found so far that doesn't include them. —The preceding comment was added by (talkcontribs)

See Great Plains. -- Ryan • (talk) • 14:28, 19 March 2012 (EDT)

I have to agree with the above poster. I find this incorrect. It's very interesting that North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, and Kansas were not included as part of the Midwest in this article. Those states have always been called the Midwest. Yes, they are the Great Plains, but the Great Plains are in the Midwest. Kind of like the East Coast would refer to Maine all the way down to South Carolina. However, when referring to the East Coast one would not leave out Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts because they are called New England. New England is part of the East Coast. Likewise, the Great Plains is a part of the Midwest. These missing four Midwestern states of ND, SD, NE, and KS should be added to the article.

Sorry, the Dakotas, Nebraska, and Kansas aren't midwestern states despite what you may have heard in recent times (you go back 20 or 30 years and you'll never hear such nonsense - this all came about from the Census Bureau bureaucratically deciding to redefine what the Midwest is). They are Plains states. —The preceding comment was added by (talkcontribs)
Thanks for your comment talk . Looking at the article the states that you mention are not listed, they are listed in the Great Plains article, so all looks correct, agree? Feel free to add valuable content to the articles if you see anything missing! Kind regards, Adzas (talk) 10:25, 2 July 2014 (EDT)