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Nearby hotels[edit]

I think the hotel listings should be restored. When Coz and I wrote this article we wrote it for people who would be visiting from out of state or country. it is unlikely that someone would know to look in the local cities to find lodging. They may not be sure if the locl cities are close enough. The locations we listed are all very close to mesa verda and are the only real options that are accesable to the park. I have read a lot of travel guides and traveled around the world. I look for travel guides that tell me all the avialable options in the area. I hate it when I get to a location and find that I could have saved tons of money staying 10 minutes away.

A lot of research went into finding the hotels and rental car agencies. Why should we make readers find all this themselves.

Go ahead and add a "nearby" sub-heading under lodging and add nearby hotels back in. See Yosemite National Park and the Grand Canyon for examples of how this has been handled with other park articles. -- Ryan 20:24, 25 Nov 2005 (EST)