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To the board: Referring the reader just to hotel La Chance amounts to unfair advertizing. It easer should be removed or other references added. Wikitravel is supposed to be unbiased source. There are many reasonable hotels in Merzouga. Even if you decide to stick to those with websites and eamils there are a few that are not any worse than La Cahnce, e.g. hotel Sahara that is cheaper and provides better desert stays ([email protected]), Ksar-Bicha ([email protected]) etc. Staff at all of these hotels respond to emails in english, french and German. They all proviude information. In fact it looks like they provide better information and more realistic prices.

Even though Elena Hall, the owner of the La chance, is an American (or maybe because of that) she quotes the least realistic prices and provides the least interesting responses to the request. She is least willing to customize iteneraries, hotels, etc. So I see it as unfair to post her address in the article.

I am a traveler who experienced all this first hand. You may also look at trip advisor to confirm my point. —The preceding unsigned comment was added by (talkcontribs)

This article was initiated by Elena Hall, of Haven La Chance Desert Hotel, with the intention that other local hotels would sdd their information, since Wikitravel pages can be edited by anyone. Information about local hotels is useful information for travellers, and it would seem desireable to have as complete a list as possible included in the article. The information about Haven La Chance was put there to start the list so that others could add to it.
As for itineries, this is a different subject that corresponds to the associated Blue Men Of Morocco tour company, not to La Chance Desert Hotel, and ALL itineries are customised to the clients desires. —The preceding unsigned comment was added by Haven La Chance (talkcontribs)
We welcome business owners who want to add listings of their hotels -- see Wikitravel:Welcome, business owners. We do not require business owners to add listings of their competitors. If you feel other places should be listed, please plunge forward and add them. -- Colin 20:02, 26 October 2007 (EDT)