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Travel limitations?[edit]

Some years back, a Taiwan friend living in Fuzhou told me that, even though there was a boat to Matsu, it was banned to foreigners and even for him it was easier to travel via Hong Kong than to deal with the heavy security on militarily sensitive Matsu. Some of that has changed by now, but how much?

More recently, a South African friend tried to take the Mawei-Matsu boat, but was stopped before boarding. He was told there's a list of 15 countries allowed on the route, and SA is not on it. Can we get that list? I know at least Americans, Kiwis and Brits are allowed on the Xiamen-Jinmen boat, but don't know who else, or if the two routes might have different rules. Pashley 01:12, 27 March 2011 (EDT)