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I removed "Pestana Inhaca Lodge" and "Pestana Bazaruto Lodge" from the "Mid-Range" section of the "Sleep" category.

Two reasons: 1) At about $300 per night ("Pestana Inhaca Lodge") or about $550 per night ("Pestana Bazaruto Lodge") I would hardly consider them "mid-range". 2) "Pestana Inhaca Lodge" is not in Maputo, but on an island about 40km away, so it's hardly a convenient hotel recommendation for travelers to Maputo itself. "Pestana Bazaruto Lodge" is even more extreme, being located on the island of Bazaruto, which is about 700 km away from Maputo, so it does not belong into the Maputo travel guide by any stretch of the imagination.

It's correct to take them out for the Maputo region but instead of deletion it should be better transferred to the correct articles. This is why i revert and then will move the both postings. jan 11:27, 6 October 2009 (EDT)

On "The Base Backpackers": I don't think comments like "the staff is xxyy" based on one single experience are truth- and or useful. I spent a year in mozambique and used the base backpackers a couple of times. The staff has always been helpful (doing the usual: calling cabs, recommending markets, eating stands etc.) and friendly. The one thing I don't like (same with Fatimas) is the rule not to let Mozambicans as visitors enter the hostel, it is open to Mozambicans as guests.