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Changed some things around[edit]

Fixed a couple of typos, updated some transport information (bus/air) and will write some new sections as I find the time. If you're the person who wrote the article to begin with, or just want to talk about Mali, drop me a line! -- Chris (Bamako, Mali)

Usually there are more people who wrote something :) I'd like to add that I've put some Mali pictures online (under CC-BY-SA) here. There are probably some nice ones for Wikitravel pages on Mali... Guaka 14:55, 23 Feb 2005 (EST)

Get In / By Car[edit]

It says in the article: "There should soon (within the next few months) be tarmac all the way to Bamako." That is not really helpful, unless we know WHEN this should be a few months away. Was this written one month ago? Or was it written a few years ago? Could someone either date the statement, or say when it is expected to be finished? Or even if it's finished?

Thank you.

Is a Carnet de Passage needed?[edit]

Could someone confirm (and include in the article under "Get In / By Car" section) whether you need a Carnet de Passage in order to bring your car into Mali? Wikipedia says that it is helpful to have a carnet, but not that it is compulsory. It would also be nice to know what you need if you don't have a carnet. I do feel that it is a rather important information to have if you're planning on entering Mali by car.

Get In / Visa and Documentation[edit]

Does anyone know, and could include in the Get In section, who needs a visa in order to get into Mail? And whether you can get it on arrival on the airport, as well as on various border crossings? And also what other documentation you need.

Thank you.