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Complaints on Maarukeytu Hota restaurant published in Wikitravel Male (Maldives)[edit]

Dear Sir/ Madam,

I traveled to Maldives including Male in the beginning of August. After reading Wikitravel Male, I decided to visit Maarukeytu Hota restaurant for my lunch while experience the local culture as well. All these while, I always rely on the information from Wikipedia and Wikitravel when comes to traveling. However, these guys in the restaurant who served us had brought us the food we never ordered and ate. Yet they still charged it to the bill for a as much as USD40 when all we asked for from the restaurant was only a can of coke and helped us to cook the fish which we bought and and paid earlier in the fish market. Between, the restaurant owner agreed to charge us USD10 for grilling the fish. Although we took merely 4 small bowls of rice of all the food that brought us, we didn't expect the bill to go up to USD40 when Wikitravel suggested the price of a normal meal consisting of grilled fish, rice and drink in the restaurant won't be more than Rf30 or USD2. On top of USD10 of cooking the grilled fish, I won't expect 4 small bowls of rice, a small plate of chips and a bottle of coke would cost us as USD40. When I requested for the bill, the waiter showed the bill to us in which he charged us all the food we didn't order including 4 bottles of mineral water, a bowl of curry and a small plate of vegetable. He charged us USD 3 for a small bowl of rice which left me wondering if the rice is made of gold. Albeit the 5 stars resort we stayed in Maldives only charged us for USD1.5 for a bowl of rice.

Can you please stop recommending Maarukeytu Hota as this restaurant is trying their best to exploit and mislead the tourists? I wish no other tourist to be in my shoes again when visiting Male and end up having a bad impression of the city and people there. Can you please remove this restaurant from the recommended restaurant in Wikitravel Male asap?

Thanks and regards YL (Malaysia)