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Scam at the ferry dock[edit]

"UPDATE June 2014: We received some of the worst treatment at the Maya ferry dock that we have received in 8 months of back-packing around Asia. Far from being naive tourists, we are experienced travellers and prepared for scamming situations such as this. We arrived at Maya dock around 2pm and were immediately approached and directed towards a boat for Malapascua, we asked to confirm the 80PHP fee and had the expected tale of 'we only leave with 26 people, you will have long wait, we take you now for 1200PHP'. We told them we had plenty of time and little money and would wait until the next boat was ready to leave. However, it seems this was not accepted by the boatmen. As we waited we were approached 3 times to ask if we had 'made our decision' and reminded that we would have 'very long wait' and may have to stay in a lodge at Maya until the next day. Some local teenagers arrived and an elderly lady with shopping bags, all confirmed they were going to Malapascua and that we would be on the next boat with them. However, as they were all called to a boat, my partner and I followed only to be told that we could not travel as this was not a passenger boat, despite it taking all of the local passengers. They simply would not let us board and this boat left without us as the boatmen laughed and talked about us while we continued to wait, which was rather frustrating and humiliating. A while later we saw some other western tourists approaching, and before they could reach the pier where we were waiting they were led off to boats out of sight, no doubt to try to stop them seeing us waiting and to receive the same tale. After I ran over and spoke with them they joined us and not too long after we were all told that the next 'scheduled boat' would leave in half an hour but insisted that the fee was 100PHP, not 80PHP. We all agreed that, if that was the new price, then fine we would pay that. A big show was made of Filipinos handing over 100 pisos on the boat but we did indeed see them being (discretely but not enough) handed 20PHP change as they got off. This whole episode really put us off visiting the island, it was discriminatory and the boatmen were basically stealing from us with their cheating. Not nice at all." ~~Rachadelic